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[ViCiouS] was formed on the 12th of October of 2006. The idea started when Ben (Eyezz) and Jake (Blunt) were playing friendly games together and conversed about making a clan to compete in Europe and blood maps. What began as short term project eventually built a platform where [ViCiouS] remains active nearly a decade later.

Jake had a lot of experience in previous high class competitive clans such as [sN] and [mVz], as well as his renown in the Graves blood community which was big on Zone. Ben had a mixed bag of experience, where [s1L3nT] was more of a social gaming clan and [PQWeR] was a project to beat the top clans of the era. Then entered Ahmad (Crescent), whom was a loyal powerhouse the clan benefited greatly from. These three set the foundation of the [ViCiouS], and remain in the clan today.

The first clan [ViCiouS] had competition with was from [DotDotDot] clan headed by Mazon, Snow, Dot and Convict. Both clans played similar map ranges which made for great games, and [DotDotDot] were the perfect opportunity for [ViCiouS] to learn to gel together as a team. [DotDotDot] was a short lived project, with many of their members merging into [ViCiouS]. Alongside these guys came Sean [Brood] whose passionate side of the game brought the clan many quality players from differing backgrounds in CS, especially in Europe. Players he brought in were Uni, Snow, Logik and Santi.

Over time [ViCiouS] built a core strong enough to warrant attention from [LC], a clan which boasted a war record with some impressive wins. Their record was roughly 50-1, with memorable and controversial wins against [sN], as well as various smurf clans. After lengthy discussions and passionate arguments, a date was put in place to test the new clan of the scene in [ViCiouS] and the established clan of [LC]

The war did not disappoint with good games and some controversy. The war came to a Smosh decider at 3-3, generating interest from players outside both clans. [ViCiouS] went into the war with a goal of trying to use a majority of their player roster while being competitive enough to win. Both clans had pride on the line, and [LC] won the first game of Smosh, which turned out controversial. [LC] had unknowingly had a member outside of the clan smurfing on an older account to play in the war. To their credit, the decider was to be replayed. [ViCiouS] came out victors and posted their first significant milestone in CS.

After the war, attention drew to playing against arguably the best CS clan of the Zone era - [Xtreme Legends]. They had forged a similar story to [ViCiouS], beating a powerhouse clan in their junior days. Unfortunately for both clans, pride got in the way of compromise and a war could not be set. Sadly it was the last era in which [Xtreme Legends] would be active in AOC.

Years down the track, [LC] were after a rematch and [ViCiouS] were up for the challenge. [LC] had brought in some quality players to their existing roster, such as Hun, Archy and Zola. This made for some fierce and passionate discussions leading into the date of the war. [ViCiouS] stuck with a smaller and well-rounded roster. [ViCiouS] stuck with Graves, Gwarz and Khans as home map choices, and were quite confident in them. [ViCiouS] won the tie 4-1, with [LC] dropping their home map of Veterans Blood which cost them the tie.

Since the wars, [ViCiouS] have enjoyed healthy competition from top level clans such as [Eot_], [7th], [XceL], the remnants of [LC] and the growing range of CB background players transitioning into the Bloods and Europe community. It's incredible that the game still has healthy competition in 2015.

[ViCiouS] players have aged and many moved on from AOC to more significant things in life. [ViCiouS] still tries to get involved in the expert community through tournaments and regular games, and perhaps one day can play more wars against the quality clans of today. The clan has held onto many of their older generation players, and have a mix of newer players who fit well into the clans social dynamics.

The clan will soon mark its 9 year anniversary.

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